Frequently Asked Questions

Why so many IT jobs? What about this or that?

The jobs we display are conditioned by the sources we have and are a reflection of those, not the overall local job market landscape. A tech company in Berlin is more likely to submit their English job offer to a big online portal than a small town’s English academy looking for a teacher. That doesn’t necessarily mean there is one but not the other, it means the information about the latter is much more disperse and thus more difficult for us to find.

What is that "report" button for?

When jobs come from external sources, we do some automatic processing to determine if a given job is an English job. This works most of the time but not always. We rely on the users to help keep the list of jobs curated. When you click the report button, we receive a notification to manually review the listing, if it’s indeed not an English-speaking job we’ll remove it.

What qualifies as an English job?

We consider an English-speaking job one where English is the only mandatory language requirement. That does not mean that a candidate who speaks the local language or any other language could not be much better positioned to get the job than one who only speaks English. Just that English is the minimum requirement. When jobs come from external sources, sometimes no strict requirements are specified, in those cases we can only assume that if no requirement is defined and the job offer is written in English, that’s the required language.

What are these jobs coming from?

Aside from the job offers that employers post directly in our website, we include jobs from a couple dozens other job portals. Then the offers pass trough a complex automatic filter that includes language recognition, as well as detecting the required working language. This system is not prefect, currently does a better job at keeping local speaking jobs out that most other foreign languages. But we believe the site is already overall quite useful in its current estate.

What is an external or partner search?

We are partnering up with indeed and careerjet to offer you more broad search results when we can not find directly jobs with your criteria. The jobs from an external search are displayed in our site but are the results of an off site search, this means the job pool available is bigger but our smart filtering system is not in effect.